Asus VivoBook S #BeyondTheEdge – A notebook for Performers #AsusIndia

You will obviously feel for me when I say that my laptop is my Girlfriend when provided that you are and computer engineer or the one in making. And if someone gives a chance to upgrade my this GF of mine, I will be all in at the first instance! Not that it will be kinda cheating on her, just that I am kind of fed up with my present one!
And that too if someone gives a chance to grab an ASUS VivoBook S backed by the tag of FREE, I would be the biggest foolish to even think twice.


Fast charging Charges 60% In 49 mins

Surely the day I will get Asus VivoBook S, I will be living wirelessly, in the sense that with my current one, my only option is to stay hooked on to the wall plug, thanks to exponential battery backup of 15 minutes at max. It seems as if my life is limited by the length of my charging wire. And with ASUS VivoBook S, stats are gonna jump from one-fourth of to 8 hrs – a total increase of 3200%- what a life to recon for!

NanoEdge Bezel 80% Screen-to-body ratio

Asus vivobook s performance

And who doesn’t want his Girlfriend to be a hotshot when it comes to the so-called looks department. Thanks to NanoEdge Bezel Display accompanied body, I won’t have to feel envy to those carrying around MacBooks. Even thinking out loud the fact that it will be a competition to Apple guys, gives me chills. Just Wowwwww!
Watching the next installment of Infinity Wars in 4K on that big screen of ASUS VivoBook S is a new dream now. Just waiting for it like anything.

Stylish, Powerful & Light Weight design

asus vivobook s

The slim design is more of an icing on the cake. Even though I don’t believe in such stuff, it was love at the first sight. The looks warranted that my grey matter does decide on the spot that this is what my new GF would be like. Elegant looks combined with beastly performance – the ultimate combo to go for.
As a coder, upgrading my 3rd gen processor to a higher one will surely bring out wonders in Academics department also. Speed!! That is what all matters at the end of the day after all. Isn’t it? Gone will be the days when I had to fire up a heavy duty software like Android Studio, go make a pot of coffee to come back and find that am just in time to kick-start the gradle. It will surely take me #BeyondTheEdge when it comes to my studies.
My shoulders will be the happiest of all, thanks to it lightweight. As a student of Computer Science, you can be excused if you show up shirtless to the class ( not that I have tried that awful stunt) but not if you even dream to forget your laptop. Its the ultimate necessity. And if I own one of the ASUS’s VivoBook S, I won’t have to dread every time I leave for the college due that brick analogues stuff am used to carry around.
And there is this other part of me for whom only three things matter in life – Games, Games, and Games. NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics!! Period.
It will be a whole new world out there to experience the thrills of gaming on this powerful platform. The speed, the graphics combined with astounding sound. The gamers’ paradise it will be.

Fingerprint Sensor & BackLit KeyBoard

Asus vivobook s Fingerprint

I should mention this also because it is on the go laptop for Bloggers like us. It makes this laptop easier with that metallic furnished beauty of that fingerprint sensor. What No Need to Remember Password. Just a Finger to Open it. This Beauty is packed with all the features for being the ergonomic design. Also, there is this thing which is gonna be a gamechanger – the backlit keyboard! Its been the dream ever since I saw the system with this feature. Just how awesome it looks and getting rid of tilting the lid every time to see the keys when working in dark – just the perfect solution!
It will ultimately be an all in one package for me!

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