Chrome Will Block Intrusive Ads on Websites Starting Today

Chrome Ads Blocker

Good news Amigos!

Google has come up with the ultimate solution of the most irritating problem ever while surfing the internet – the damn Ads! Yea! The recently hyped new update of the Chrome Browser integrated with Chrome’s Ad Blockers gets to take first breaths in the open from tonight!

Chrome’s Ad Blockers

Surfing internet is what we love the most. Sometimes to gain knowledge, sometimes for entertainment and of course to Socialize which is what we love the most.
In recent times, the web got heavily monetized and the whole revenue model of the web changed. Internet soon became a knowledge hub for every one of us. The information providers became the gainers by providing their knowledge and seekers got the information just with few clicks. (Yeah, Google baba su pucho sab bataega).
Knowingly or unknowingly some bad practices have started to come up. One of the major cause of irritation everyone seems to be when you’re in need of some information and the Ads pop out and does not let you do your work.

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To provide better web experience to its users, Google last year decided to clean up the Ads which do not comply with the user’s satisfaction. It surveyed around 40,000 internet users to look up their behavior towards the intrusive ads and decided upon some conclusions.
Finally, as promised they have announced to provide users with a better experience by rolling out its own in-built Ad Filter.  The Chrome’s Ad Blockers informs the users about the ads blocked when they visit any website and its user’s will and wish to give their time to it or not.
So, is it the end of the marketing strategy followed by all website owners?
No, it isn’t. They will just have to follow certain standards as said by the Coalition of Better Ads.

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Difference Between Present  ones and The Chrome’s Ad Blockers :

Must be thinking about the difference between Conventional ad blocker and this google’s product.
The difference is Adblocker blocks all the content which is its hit list, but this allows certain ads which comply with the norms. (No damage to website owners earning money).

What will be good ads for Chrome’s Ad Blockers:

Certainly, those ads which do not deteriorate the user’s experience.
those ads which do not bombard in between and cause disruption to the navigation in the webpage
The ads having multimedia content which starts playing without the user’s permission.
Heavy ads which slow down the loading time of page(Extreme annoyance to many whose internet is slow).

Benefits to Customer:

Users can now enjoy the perks of hassle-free browsing, no interruptions due to unwanted pop ads, no additional windows will open by your one click, no full-screen ads on your phone, and more.

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What site owners ought to do to be safe from Chrome’s Ad Blockers:

The website owner should quickly complete their website checkup or else they may dip in the search rankings of their website. Touch wood, they must comply with Google’s norms and follow the guidelines. Then, what are the guidelines? Here they are:

  • Providing with ads which don’t ruin user’s viewing experience by assimilating with the webpage content.
  • No heavy ads which make the ultimate loading of webpage slower.
  • Yes, the websites can research the web browsing behavior of users and provide them premium content the user’s usually is interested in (i.e. by providing the relevant content).

However, now Chrome’s Ad Blockers option is only available on its parent Google Chrome browsers, hope it may get developed for all the web browsers as well.

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