Defragmentation: What, why and how?


Defragmentation, a pretty familiar term when it comes to computer. It is something  that we are all supposed to  do regularly for keeping our system proper  but due to lack of information and motivation its pretty easy to put off. Also our friend’s windows doesn’t tell  us much about what defragmentation really is other than some lame article how it makes your drives  faster.

Defragmentation – Why and When?

To answer this question we must know how our data is stored in a hard drive . Now think of this when you bought your new computer, you by companies grace got a brand new hard drive. And over the course of time you used your computer as a devil and installed tons of games, movies &  music and perhaps some material which helps you in studies. But all this take space as they reserve some space for themselves in the hard drive. For example assume you have installed  Call of Duty on your system followed by the batman movie and some songs. Call of Duty will reserve  some space and just after this the movie will reserve  its space.

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Everything’s fine till now but the problem arises when you delete something. Lets say you completed call of duty you uninstalled it. Now the space reserved for cod is free and you went onto install GTA V. one of the trending game now a days. So it will be stored in the place where cod was originally present but hold on GTA V is humongous the storage space of cod is not sufficient for the game that’s when windows breaks up the game  in little segments and fill up the space of cod followed by some other this is called file segmentation. This very thing makes your computer slow, because the hard drive has to physically access the info from different locations just to run one particular application. Naturally the file in multiple partition scattered on your hard-drive will take longer to bring up whatever you were looking for.

Defragmentation -What and How?

Here at this very moment Defragmentation  comes to our aid. It’s just the reverse effect of disk fragmentation by just performing these two steps:-

  • Reassemble broken file : Remember your GTA V and how its scattered, defragmentation will reassemble it in one place.
  • Rearrange all the free space  : well basically accumulate even the slightest bits of free space in to one large chunk.

Now from some time, your computer will not break the files into those tiny pieces & try to push them into the hard-drive.

But if  you are among those owning an SSD then this article is just a piece of trash for you. Defragmentation doesn’t improve the performance of  an SSD and the reason is that they don’t have any moving parts. The computer can access the data at roughly the same time regardless of its place .

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Moreover trying to defragment your SSD can do more harm than good, so its better advised not to defragment your SSD.

Learnt something exciting go on google up the way to defragment, and make your computer faster then ever before.

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