Torrents – The Best Way to Download Movies!

Being an ECE guy, you can tell(or sympathize with me😟) that for me, the day starts with a circuit with 6 entangled resistors and ends with another one having 5 resistors and 3 capacitors. Rest you can imagine what goes on in between. So, by the end of the day, it takes a toll on me😔. What better way to drain down all the tiredness with a good IMDB rated movie. But when I try the stunt of downloading these, it seems a kinda field of landmines with those thousands of DOWNLOAD buttons all taking you down the trip to another everywhere possible with those annoying pop-ups, except where you actually wanna go. And then swoops in the Torrents! Voila! Problem solved!!

Let’s get going with Torrents!

Ya ya ya…i get it. It’s not something new. I mean who in their right minds do not know what torrents are? Someone saying that would be like ki I din know sunny leone is the brand ambassador for Manforce!

But still, I find people seem not to be using this magic potion (no not condoms, Torrents!). Most of the guys still seem to wander about in that landmine of DOWNLOADs when they have got this amazing option with them. So, here we to solve all your problems and make sure that from now on, you do it the right way( i mean download movies).

What torrents is all about?

For this, I ain’t gonna go into details. It’s better you use your thumb and click here to know actually what the whole funda is about, in the most layman compatible language.

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Start with Torrent in the simplest way possible!

These steps not only tells you about downloading movies using torrents, instead, you can also download tv shows or any other videos. Another important thing which you can download using torrents is your favorite computer games.

So read on…….

Note: does not promote any website or does not guarantee its legality. If you are using then it is on your own risk and does not hold any responsibility if found illegal.

There are several steps you can follow. These are mentioned below. Follow them in the same sequence.

  • You must have utorrent downloaded in your pc. If you don’t have then download it from . If you have utorrent downloaded then follow the next steps.
  • Now visit . And don’t use www before

If you are not able to open the website and gets the following message then visit the following link and know what it is and how to rectify it…… click here

  • You will see a screen. You can directly search a movie from there or click on any option from below.

  • There after a screen like this will appear. Select the video you want to download and click on the torrent magnet symbol in front of that.

  • A pop-up will appear showing you a notification. Click on “Open magnetic URI” in that.

  • Now utorrent will flash in front of you. In that if you wish to change the location of the downloaded video, change it and then click ok and your movie will start downloading.


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Torrents – Is that all legal??

Yea! Now comes the biggest question? With the shutdown of torrents behemoths in the recent times, the question surely rolls over – If I am downloading content from using torrents, is it something illegal I am doing??

And answer that, again you got to trust me on this one and use your thumb once again to click here. Just jump to the last stanza of the post and you will get all your answers!!



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