Encryption, the best way to protect your data.

Data Security has always been a matter of great significance.  A lapse in security could have devastating consequences. Don’t believe me? Ask Hitler!

Well, If you got it… Skip the next para or else get ready for a history lesson.

Encryption and Hitler!

During the Second World War, the Germans used an encrypting device called the ENIGMA machine, which was used to encrypt and secure the secret messages to be circulated during the war. The Allies couldn’t crack the messages in time and hence they recruited Mr Alan Turing, a renowned Mathematician to devise a method to BREAK THE CODE. Consequently, Mr Turing was able to develop THE BOMBE, an electromagnetic device that could help detect and decipher the German messages.

It is estimated that cracking the enigma code helped shorten the war by 2-4 years, thus saving countless lives.

I guess its too late for a SPOILER ALERT disclaimer but what you read just now is kinda the main plot for The Imitation Game. Awesome movie though. Do watch it if you haven’t yet. Curiously judging you 😉

Another trivia for the CS engineers in the making. He’s the guy who developed the Turing machine. Automata theory.. Ring a bell?? Again for those who know what I’m talking about kudos! Others hold on!!

Well so now that you know how important this whole thing is, let’s move on to the big question.

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Encryption – What is it?

Encryption is a way of protecting or securing data by encoding it or scrambling it in a way, such that it can be accessed by only those with a secret key. And only with the key can you decrypt and access the data.

It is widely used in the digital age to secure all sorts of data sent through the network but on its own, it doesn’t prevent interference or data theft. It just makes the theft an exercise in vain, well in most cases.

Here’s how Encryption works!

The unencrypted data, called the plaintext is converted by the use of an algorithm and an encryption-key, generating the so-called encrypted or ciphertext. Now to get back the original data or to decrypt the ciphertext, all you need to do is use the secret key and follow the same steps, just reversing the order.

The two basic types of encryptiong data  are Symmetric and Asymmetric.

Symmetric key : This uses of the same key for encryption and decryption. While it is much faster, here the sender needs to exchange the encryption key with the recipient before he can decrypt it. Well you see the problem, right?

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Asymmetric encryption or commonly referred to as public-key type, makes use of two different keys, a public one and a private one. While the public is well public, and needs to be shared with everyone. The private key must be protected.

In popular practice, the symmetric key is usually sent to the recipient using the public key method, while the remaining data is encrypted through the symmetric key encryption.

Encryption – Where do Layman come in??

Well, surely it’s getting too tacky! Isn’t it?? With all the tech jargon above…

So, to break the boring streak, let’s have a look at how and where we use it…

Payment Portals:  Paytm, VISA, PayPal, RuPay, Tez…you just name it and you get it!

The ever-present 128-bit SSL encryption!

Your Personal Data, like Credit /Debit Card numbers  go to the other end in an encrypted mode and not just as it is.

Even your WhatsApp chats


Encryption in WhatsApp
Encryption in WhatsApp

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Your emails

email encryption
[Image Courtesy: hongkiat.com]
Amazingly, even the movies we go to watch in theaters, they too are not aloof of this concept.

Wanna know, how encryption, plays role in movies? Just tap out here!

That’s all for now!

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