eSIM : The Emerging Technology!

The hunt for reducing the size of the cellphones has paved way for the beginning of eSIM(embedded Subscriber Identification Module) era. Google and Apple have launched their latest products Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL and the Apple Watch Series 3 with eSIM technology. This technology has created new market opportunities for the cellphone companies.  It covers around 4-millimeter square area on the motherboard. Switching over network operators is far easier than taking a trip to network providers. If you are now thinking of a phone with almost no slots to put SIM cards and sd cards? You are absolutely right. With this move, our researchers will definitely leave no way to make us familiar with our dream phones. Let’s tell you more about this e-SIM technology.

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What is eSIM?

An eSIM is a successor to present SIM card generation. It is capable of providing all the functionalities that a SIM card can. It stores all the information that is needed to authenticate and identify a mobile subscriber. Unlike the traditional SIM cards, eSIM cannot be replaced. It is embedded directly onto the device motherboard.


Advantages of eSIM over SIM?

It provides a more handy way to handle SIM cards. No need to take a separate headache to handle this traditional piece of the card anymore just like your wife.

As it is a part of your device motherboard it is completely safe from external damage or human touch.

No need to run to network providers office anymore, each time you want to switch over your desired network providers.

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Allowing designers to reduce the size of cellphones with pure closed design (no openings for external chips and all).

Direct benefits to the Internet of Things. More devices are likely to install this on their body to provide seamless wireless connection to the Internet.

Future Scopes:

With the continuous effort of our researchers and emerging technologies especially in the field of Nano-technology, it can be said that Esim technology is going to knock the doors of every mobile user in this world very soon.

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