Experience Google Lens in your Mobile with Just 4 Steps

Want to have a handy experience with Google lens, just follow this article. Before going let’s have an idea of what actually Google lens can do. Google has come up with the best feature that Image Processing can provide. Google lens tells you almost everything about anything just by scanning. You just need to scan your object and google lens will tell you about it.

For example scan, a flower using your mobile camera and google lens is ready with its answer. It will tell you about the flower, whether it is a Rose, Lily, Lotus, Daisy, etc. It can even identify objects like Lamp, Box, Television, Chair, etc. If the scanned image contains any text embedded in it, Google lens is smart enough to identify the text and puts in front of you. This text can also be used to set calendar entries on your device. Take an example of a movie poster which contains movie names in it. Google lens can identify those text with ease and tells everything about that movie. Hope you are through with a rough idea about it.

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How to Install?

Till now Google has provided this facility in its recent release Pixel 2. Don’t have Pixel 2. No need to worry there are ways through which you can experience it. Make sure that your device has a root access. Just follow the steps below:-

  1.   Click on this link to download Google lens ZIP file on your device.                                                                                        TWRP   Google lens Zip file
  2.  Boot your device in recovery mode.
  3.  After moving to recovery mode select the file you downloaded from the respective directory. Click on install and then confirm if asked further.                                                                                   Flash zip file   Reboot TWRP
  4.  Lastly, reboot your device.                                                                                                                                                                                

After completing all the above-mentioned process you are all set to experience it. Open google photos choose any image and click on Google Lens icon. The first time it will pop a screen just click on get started and continue. It will recognize and show you the results. For the time being this feature is still in beta version and it is not able to give an extreme performance. Hope with further updates we will have the accurate version of it.

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Download Source:- XDA-Developers

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