FAST CHARGING :- Everything you need to know

We don’t actually give much thought about charging our phone everyday . But actually start wondering about your phone’s battery life just because you couldn’t finish your favorite show or a mission of your favorite game because of your phones battery life.Then your mind attracts those wild thoughts of improving phones battery by stuffing it with a bigger battery or use it while its charging , well come on we all consider these , but these are not the solution to our problem . Don’t worry Fast charging is the only solution.

Enter the world of fast charging:-

It is a feature which is  supported by most of the  modern day smartphones and tablets that has the capacity to power up your phone reasonably in time you get yourself a snack and hop around the house a bit enjoying it.

The reason most of the smartphone take a long time to charging is the limited amount of power that they can push to your smartphone at a time , generally 5 Watts or less.It’s a trick used by companies to keep the cost of the product low and batteries are not overloaded with too much power .

Simple technology used in fast charging:-

Fast chargers just adjust voltage current or both to deliver more power to your device (generally 20 Watts or more) if your device supports the technology. It is all about the game of current and voltage adjustments using an adapter.

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Fast charging : Things you need to remember before you use this technology

Excited!!! All set to buy a fast charger ,but here’s a catch . All device are unable to support the fast charge technology as with power you get high heat.

So for a device with not much space for a battery to expand might end up damaged . So companies have made a collaborating process between the smartphone and the charger so they are both certified to get extra power.

Samsung’s fast charging and One plus dash charge are the best examples,but presently it is the chip-set giant manufacture  Qualcomm’s quick-charge technology which is found on most of the devices .
Also don’t be tricked by it’s name don’t expect it to go from zero to full at a blazing speed . It charges your phone to about 50% and the trickle charging it rest of the way.

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That’s it then ,keep it in mind this useful feature when buying a new phone.

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