Goal Line Technology in Football!

Are You a Football fan? Ever wondered what is the GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY? Lets take a drive through the recent addition in Association Football.

Goal Line Technology

Goal Line Technology(GLT) is a method used to determine when the ball has completely crossed the goal line in between the goal posts and underneath the crossbar with the assistance of electronic devices which assists the referee in awarding a goal or not.


The main objective of the Goal Line Technology is to support the officials in decision making just like the use of Decision Review System(DRS) in cricket. The Goal Line Technology provides a clear indication of whether the ball has fully crossed the Goal line or not, this information assist the officials in their final decision.

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Goal Line Technology- Laws Of The Game!

In July 2012, the International Football Association Board(IFAB) officially approved the use of Goal Line Technology by amending the laws of the game to permit its use. Due to its expense, Goal Line Technology is used only at highest levels of the game. GLT is currently used in European Domestic Leagues and major International Competitions such as FIFA WORLD CUP(Men and Women).

The Laws Of The Game are:

  • LAW 1 (The Field of Play): Permitting modifications to the goal frame.
  • LAW 2 (The Ball): Permitting the use of approved balls with integrated technology.
  • LAW 5 (The Referee): Requiring the referee to test a Goal Line Technology prior to a match and not use if a fault is found.
  • LAW 10 (The Method of Scoring): Permitting use of Goal Line Technology to verify whether or not goals have been scored. It states that the use of GLT must be stipulated in the respective competition rules.


For the use of GLT, the FIFA Quality Program for Goal Line Technology Testing Manual defines the requirements of the systems.The basic requirements of the system are:

  • The System must be accurate.
  • The system must address only the matter of whether a goal has been scored or not.
  • The system must indicate the scoring of a goal immediately, confirming this within one second.
  • The system must communicate its information only to the match officials.

Only systems which pass FIFA’s testing program are permitted to be used in the game. An installation in a particular stadium must also pass FIFA’s testing program.

Currently there are four Licensed providers : Chyron Hego, Fraunhofer IIs, Goal Control and Hawk Eye innovations.

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Goal Line Technology- INITIAL TESTING

The first stage of testing considered multiple GLT systems, with the requirement that the systems notified the referee of the decision within one second of the incident happening. The message needed to be relayed via a visual signal and vibration.


Produced by a German company Cairos Technologies AG, alongside ADIDAS, the Goal Line Technology system used a magnified field to track a ball with a sensor suspended inside. The sensor measures the magnetic grids and relays the data to a computer which determines if a ball has crossed the line or not. If the ball crosses the line, a radio signal is sent to the referee’s watch within a second.

Adidas designed a ball that could suspend a sensor and keep it safe and intact even when the ball is struck with great force. Cairo claims the process to be practically instantaneous, addressing the critics concerns that the technology might slow down the game.

The two technologies finally proposed are Hawk Eye and GoalRef.

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Criticism Of Goal Line Technology

While advocates of the technology maintain that it would significantly reduce referring errors during play, there are also criticism of the technology. Mush of the criticism came from within the FIFA itself including the former FIFA president Sepp Blatter. Critics pointed out that such technology would impact on the human element of the game and remove the enjoyment of debating mistakes.

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