Google Maps Working Explained!

Look Before You Leave!! That’s the new mantra nowadays…Gone are the days when one used to leave on the shortest possible route only to find himself stuck in traffic later. Shortest?? No way! GenY simply fires up Google Maps and decides to give a break to the Red ones! But how does that happen? Here we are with complete google maps working explained!

As of now, if official stats are to be looked into,  you can get much more extensive ‘LIVE’ traffic information from over 90 countries on the Google Maps.

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And the best part it’s all pretty simple. Just tap the traffic icon in google maps app and the road you are looking at will become color-coded to indicate the traffic levels, with the red color being used for high traffic.

Now the real question how does the Google pull this off? Does Sundar Pichai truly sees and know all? All because of his huge fleet of helicopters, satellites or drones.

Well no!

Google Maps Working-Initial approach for traffic management!

Initially, Google started using historical traffic data which could project how busy a particular road was based on past trends like, traffic history of a road on days of the week, time of the day and even month of the year.

For example, in Bengaluru, you could almost be certain that Silk Board would be busier than BEL Road in evening of weekends.

Earlier, this was concluded on the fact that in the past this was the trend. So, if you open up the app coming weekend to leave for Padmad ( or Aiyyari or even Padmavati if you are dips fan), you would see Silk road is the darkest red possible! But that was what used to happen earlier.

Google Maps Working Explained!

Obviously, this was an imperfect solution because it couldn’t inform drivers of the real-time conditions like whether a free-flowing road was suddenly blocked by a traffic accident, road construction or by a herd of cattle.

Now with the advancement in technology where almost every person has a shiny new location-ware enabled smartphone. That’s where GOOGLE hit the jackpot.

In 2007 Google decided if they can calculate the total numbers of phones on that particular road and then can use these numbers to analyze the probable density of traffic on that road. So, to put in a nutshell, the new idea said that it’s better to count the number of phones on road at a given time instead of the number of vehicles as it’s for granted that almost everyone owns one!

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Today though Google Traffic uses a combination of GPS tracking and measuring the signal delay between each smartphone and nearby cellphone towers to figure out where your vehicle is.

This method was eventually developed to allow all service providers to know the service area you are in, to charge you for roaming but now it is being used in a more innovative way to view real-time traffic.

But hold on a second, how does Google Traffic offer alerts that tell you about any accident or road repair work leading to the closure of traffic on a particular road.

These data are actually handled through Wage, an app that crowdsources reports/data on road blockage construction zone and even police speed traps. Wage was bought by Google in 2013 while it still exists as an independent app. Many of its features and data have been integrated into Google Maps. And for the information that Wage doesn’t catch, Google Maps get information from local agencies responsible for traffic management which are generally helpful for updates on long-term road closure.

Privacy Issues

Now comes the privacy issues. Does Google have a huge database of every trip you have undertaken since buying a smartphone?

Google says that it permanently deletes information about origin and destination of your journey. But who knows.?So the easiest solution, if it makes you uncomfortable, just turn off your location feature on your smartphone if you don’t want to be the part of the massive Google machines.

Hope now you know how Google Traffic works!

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