Gopro Hero 6 : What’s new?

The Ultimate tool of Photography -Gopro Hero 6!

With the new Gopro Hero 6 newly out in the market as predicted, the beast seems to have created a lot of ripples in the minds of the Gopro enthusiasts and budding videographers alike. All seem to be wondering about how great it can be and more importantly how it differs from its predecessor the Gopro Hero 5.

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Gopro Hero 6  – What is that?

For those of you who don’t know what it is, Gopro Hero 6 is the newest addition to the camera line from Gopro. It’s an action camera, which can be mounted to pretty much anything and is known for its high quality, compact and rugged nature.

Gopro Hero 6 – The design

Right out of the box the design of the Gopro Hero 6 is not quite different than that of the Hero 5. This is quite good because the hero 5 had a rugged rubberized body. Which made it extremely durable and waterproof up to 10m without separate housing.

Gopro Hero 6 – The hardware!

Under the hood it has some major changes.The foremost being the brand new image processor, the GP1 co-developed by Gopro and Socionext. Which the makers claim “provides unparalleled image quality and next-level image stabilization while using lowest possible power”.

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And to set the bar even higher,  the Gopro Hero 6 supports 4K at 60 fps, which is a great improvement from the earlier 30 fps in the Hero 5. Also the camera now lets you record in full HD at 240 fps, which makes for some awesome slow-motion videos.

The camera now uses HEVC encoding aka the H.265. Which is a video compression standard that should allow you to capture large video content at roughly half the file size, but might make smooth playback of 4k videos on your phone or PC quite a hassle. Since not a lot of devices support it as yet.  

Gopro Hero 6 – Click better without light!

There is lot of talk about the improved dynamic range owing to GP1 chip enabled Global toning mapping or GTM. In layman’s language the Gopro Hero 6 is expected to capture both the highlights and shadow areas better than before. The new improved image stabilization, is stated to be the best in class, also the stabilization now works on 4K at 30  fps unlike the Hero5.

Gopro Hero 6 boasts of better low-light performance, richer colours and better connectivity with the new 5GHz Wi-Fi support, making it three times faster.  There’s also the highly advertised zoom feature.

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Another big thing about the Gopro Hero 6 is the Enhanced QuikStories features. This is said to be using computer vision and advanced machine learning, so as to automatically combine footage. Ultimately using the most compelling bits to generate edits, making it easier and faster for the users to share their content and experience.

Gopro Hero 6 – What  about its powerhouse?

The camera still uses the same battery as the Hero 5, which has had decent reviews but the extended 4K capabilities in Hero 6 is expected to drain it out a bit faster than before.

Gopro Hero 6 – How hard on the pocket?

The Gopro Hero 6 is a significant upgrade to the Hero 5 in terms of its features, but being priced at $499 in US and around  ₹45,000 in India. Is it worth it? Well to answer that we will have to use one, won’t we?

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