How Do Websites Make Money?

It may sound so negative to start with this but still the harsh fact is that no one in his sane mind does one good deed selflessly in this selfish world of ours. Remember Joey! “Sorry to burst that Bubble, Phoebe, but selfless good deed doesn’t exist.” Anyway, the point is, if there is no apparent way that these guys earn bucks then why people make websites? And they keep doing so! So they do earn money. That is for sure from what Joey says. So, the question is How do websites make money. Or rather say how can one earn money through a site?

The is no one single solutions that fit all kind of answer to this question. It all depends on what kind of site are you talking about. Is it a service provider which can straightway earn money by selling services? Or is it just a blog like ours? Or just any pornography portal selling you its Premium membership? Or even that does that site actually intend to earn money?

So, out here we will be discussing some of the most common ways In which websites make money. So, let’s cut the commercial and get down to the business.

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Websites Make Money – Ads!

Yes! That’s the magic potion!

Don’t you get to see the ads from major e-retailers like Amazon showcasing the exact shoe you were going through yesterday on its site. Not just only SEE man! They seem to be coming on to you  like anything by taking up every nook and corner of the page, be it left bar, right bar, top, bottom, middle space…..and add to that those three pop ups you had to click on to close it. Only to find that that damn close button itself was supposed to open another irritating pop up.

Or for the fact, that Google AdSense’s ad telling you that now Sallu’s starrer ‘Tubelight’ available to be streamed on Amazon Prime. ( well don’t you think its too late now!).

The whole funda may seem irritating and disgusting, but that is how more than half websites make money. Specially, the ones which do not sell any service to you.

PPC! Ever heard this term? Pay-per-click ads! The meaning is evident from the name itself. The website owner gets his cut as soon as the ad is clicked on the page. So, even if in confusion you clicked on the wrong Download button, among thousands of those seen on the screen, the deed is done. The owner has got his money even though it just opened up some random page which you closed even before it could load completely.

Courtesy these PPC ads, it seems like a puzzle to solve – getting the right Download button among thousands of them available there, all trying to jump on you, shouting  “I am the one” aka click here to Download. Seriously man, if you get to see the Download Start box in the first trail , put it in your resume!

As quoted by one of my besties, its more like walking in landmine field! One wrong step and you Boom!! You find yourself where you don’t wanna be!

Did i miss any downlaod….

Anyway, a pro tip out here. If you are using chrome browser, as you hover your mouse over the link you will get to see the url of the link on the right bottom. If you get to see an url ending with file extension which matches the type of file you are looking for, that’s the bulls eye dude!

Thats the bull's eye!
How to know the right Download button!

For example, if you are about to download the ‘just in’ song of Sunny Leone’s upcoming Tera Intezaar, you might wanna look for the download button whose url ends with .mp3!

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Websites Make Money –

Now doesn’t this seem familiar. Yes! It’s the online streaming service I am talking about! Who hasn’t gone through their process of three clicks to finally get to see the Play button, with the whole player showing you the small screenshots of the movie you are about to play in a chronological order.

Openload Player!
Openload Player!

Openload is basically a file sharing platform which pays you per download and per stream if the process was started on your website.

And how do these guys at openload earn money?

The answer is the preceding section – Ads! Those two pop ups which you close irritatingly, that’s how they make money!

So, its like this. A movie streaming website owner says that he is ready to host openload player on his site for the upcoming Mrs Balan’s ‘Tumhari Sullu’. So, as soon as someone uploads the video file on openload’s server, viewers can stream it on this website. To start the video, we have to cross a hoard of pop ups which makes sure that openload earns money and in return, the website owner is paid for his services. All go home happy! Is it so?

What about viewers? Well now, that depends on how compelling  the story line of this upcoming happy-to-go-housewife-turned-nighttime-RJ from team Neerja would be.

Oh! Did I tell you that I am a big big Bollywood buff!

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Websites Make Money – Affiliate Marketing

Another good tool is Affiliate marketing in which many blogging website make money. You would have seen ‘buy’ links of major e-retailers on pages detailing some top 10 products to buy. If an user clicks such a link and the sale is made, the owner gets his cut!

Affiliate Marketing!

For example, if you are surfing on a website which lists top 5 budget phones, you are bound to find the ‘Buy’ links of Amazon and Flipkart at the end of every phone description. That’s my friend is affiliate marketing!

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Other Ways!

One more way in which websites make money is to provide some service. It can be of any kind. Be it a tutorial site teaching you how to learn Python for the so called ‘minimal’ fee! Or an online mail-to-fax kind of service. Bulk SMSs services and what not.

And now another way many websites make money- premium membership! Now you take it or not, first thing which pops up for such an instance is obviously pornography portals.

Even though our government tries its best to block down all such illegal sources, there are many porn websites providing you with premium membership for their so called High Definition videos in 4k! Now I ainnt gonna go in detail out here. You already know more than me!


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