Hyperloop – The Technology of The Next Generation!

Hyperloop: traveling made easier!!!

Travelling is one of the basic necessity of every human being. We constantly travel from one place to another by different means of transportation for various reasons like work, education etc.

Actually, the mere thought of long-distance traveling is tiresome and in the past 200 years, we found horse-drawn carriages to train to cars to commercial flights which go halfway around the world in less than a day’s time. But we have always dreamed of faster ways to get around, one such mode of transportation is in works.

Yeah! You guessed it right “The Hyperloop”.

The Hyperloop could even outstrip jets without requiring you to even leave the ground.
Amazing! Isn’t it?

What is hyperloop?

Hyperloop in design resembles a train or a monorail but can actually travel much faster, thanks to the elimination of most sources of the friction. The same force that slows your vehicle down when you apply brakes, in case you didn’t know.

Some high-speed trains like Shanghai Maglev in China that can reach nearly 270mph (approx 430 kmph) reduce friction by magnets which make then float above the rail. So it’s not actually touching anything. The hyperloop, however, goes one step further by placing capsules inside a tube which is partial vacuum so there is much less air to push against. The vehicle on the top of this capsule is suspended mid-air by air casters similar to how puck on an air hockey table is able to float around. Although the Hyperloop does use linear induction motor which is magnetically used to accelerate and de-accelerate the vehicle. The air casters are much cheaper, simpler and long-lasting way to keep the vehicle floating in the mid-air.

Hyperloop and its working:-

And finally, the hyperloop contains an air compressor on the front to intake excess air in the tube and exhaust it out at the back otherwise the excess air would cause air resistance which ultimately slows the vehicle down.

Now coming to the top speed if all of this work together perfectly we have a system that can attain a top speed of 760mph (approx 1223 kmph) nearly at the speed of sound.

Fast enough to get you from Delhi to Mumbai in 70 minutes.

Excited !!!

Hold on! Hyperloop is still just a concept and the good news is that since it was first proposed in 2012 by Elon Musk there has been constant development and the test are being conducted around the world to get the Hyperloop system in function.

Now Musk has made technology behind the hyperloop opensource so that other companies and institutions welcome to develop and improve upon the hyperloop idea.

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But such new concept comes with new challenges that are needed to be sorted out like, the stress it might put on human body with the quick change in velocity such as when speeding up or slowing down which might make things a little uncomfortable.

This technology is still being heavily explored by multiple government and private agencies worldwide.

Hope it helped a little to understand the so-called “Hyperloop”.

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