World’s First Phone With In Screen Finger Print Scanner (Vivo in screen)

Vivo has done it! The First Mobile Phone with In Screen Finger Print Scanner is going to be Vivo. Yea!! Its the start of another era – vivo in screen fingerprint sensing!

Announcemnt of vivo in screen fingerprint technology!

They made it official at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. This is not a Prototype but an actual working vivo In screen Fingerprint Sensor. It comes with integrated “Synaptics’ ClearID under display fingerprint scanning” technology.

Whats really awesome with this is that there is no way one can tell that your phone has at all got a fingerprint scanner. It ainnt gonna give a feel where it is available but it shows a mark on the display where you should put your finger to scan to it. When the screen is in working condition it will not ruin your user experience as it will automatically get disabled when you are using your screen.

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Also as displayed in the CES, the Smartphone had a normal USB port rather than the USB-C port which is on every smartphone nowadays.

With vivo in screen fingerprint sensing, its dawn of new tech!

Vivo in screen fingerprint sensor works in a similar manner to the capacitive fingerprint scanner, but now we will not be having those round fingerprint on  the backside of your phone placed in weird position as in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and those companies who were placing fingerprint sensors on the chin of the phone will go off reducing those chin’s and making phone the Bezel’s less more attractive Smartphone.

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How will vivo in screen fingerprint sensor work?

To use it you need to first wake up your screen and then you need to place your finger that you have scanned before as your security at a place shown on the display.

The vivo in screen finger print scanner is only compatible with OLED Panels. The Finger Print Scanner has been Sliced between OLED Panel and the glass of the Display, which would then be connected to the internal motherboard. You can see the Diagrammatic representation of the implementation below.

vivo in screen
vivo in screen finger print sensor digrammatic representation!

The vivo in screen fingerprint sensor has an optical image sensor that scans the image of your finger. This data is passed onto an AI Processor that makes the fingerprint better everytime to make it more secure. This makes it better every time and it’s the core technology which helps the sensor to distinguish between different users.

Performance of vivo in screen fingerprint senor

Vivo has shown the Smartphone at CES 2018 and has not confirmed the availability and pricing of the smartphone. But as per the Smartphone displayed in CES 2018 the fingerprint sensor work’s fine but it’s little slow and the screen is needed to be awake to unlock the smartphone.

So, you can’t simply get hold of your phone imagine its gonna unlock with just the first touch. That is what seems to be the biggest let down regarding the whole vivo in screen drama.

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As of now Vivo is just one of the five. There are 5 Tier-1 hardware makers that Synaptic’s said it is working with to implement the new Biometric Technology.

It is a great step towards the new technology but how Vivo implements in its upcoming smartphone’s matters a lot. We don’t aim for just a fingerprint sensor but all over a perfect smartphone that is suitable for the public. If Vivo wants to make a mark in the market then it should have the perfect phone and specifications.


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