Embedded System – What it is?

embedded system

Ever seen a small kid playing with a remote car, ever wondered how by clicking a button on car keys car gets locked or gets unlocked and I know there are many things which amaze day in day out. So today let me help get over a little part of that big curiosity of yours. This in short is called an “EMBEDDED SYSTEM”. Now what is it and how do we define it?? To know read on…

Embedded System – What is that after all?

The Electronic System which integrates the hardware circuitry with the software programming techniques for providing a solution is called an Embedded System.

Sound too tacky?? Went over your head….no problimo!!
To put it in layman’s language, an embedded system is the one which we create the circuitry with the help of software design. The first rule of embedded systems says that makeup of an advance project should be such that it can reduce the size of the circuitry.

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The Basics of Embedded System

Technically we study following four things. These are:

1) Device Driver

The Device driver, in short, provides a software interface to a hardware device. A Device Driver communicates through the communication subsystem to which the hardware is connected.
The basic function of Device Driver:
The software program gives an instrution to the device driver which in turn issues a command to the device which acts accordingly. The Device driver also provides interrupt handling or in simple words it also acts as an error free communicator.

2) Firmware

The Firmware is a permanent software programmed into a read-only memory or what we simply call ROM. The simple example which can describe firmware is a television remote control. This is an engineered product that contains firmware. This means that the PCB in the tv remote has a ROM which contains a simple program embedded in it which controls it functioning.
Firmware is a computer program that provides the low- level control for the devices with specific hardware. It provides a standardized programming for the operating environment.

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3) Reference Board Design

When we discuss the computer designs, the concept is generally known as a reference platform. The main purpose of reference design is to support companies in the development of the next-generation product using the latest technology.
Nanobook is a reference design for a miniature laptop.

4) RTOS (Real-time operating system)

It is an operating system intended to serve real-time applications.Real-time system is a time-bound system which has well-defined constraint and if not then the system will fail. They either are event-driven systems or time-sharing systems. Event-driven system switches tasks based on their priorities while time-sharing system switches the task based on interrupts.
A real-time operating system is valued more for how quickly or how predictably it can respond than for the amount of work it can perform in a given period of time.

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Application of Embedded System:

A list of Embedded System which is performed & the list goes on and on in every session.
Anti-lock breaks
Autofocus camera
Automatic toll machine
Automatic transmission
Avionic system
Battery Charger
Cell phones
Cell- phones based station
Cordless phones
Digital Camera
Disk drivers
Electronic card reader
Electronic instruments
Electronic toys
Factory control
Fax machine
Fingerprint identifiers
Home security system
MPEG decoders
Network card
Network switches
On- board navigation
Satellites phones
Stereo system
Smart oven
Theft tracing system
TV set of box
VCR’s DVD players
Video game consolers
Video phones

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