Jio 10 GB offer : Dail 1299!

jio 10 gb offer

The King of the telecommunication market ( obviously Jio, who else) has taken yet another mega step to once again prove it to its rivals that who is the master out here. And as usual, this time too the offer comes tagged with the usual two terms – DATA and FREE! After all aren’t these two the flagship terms of the whole jio melodrama since its inception. Anyway, this time its 10 GBs offer! Yea, full on Jio 10 GB offer…that too completely free!!

Jio 10 GB offer – What and why?

If twitterati is to be believed, the reason this time is Holi! But still, as there has been not any official announcement from the company sources, nothing can be concluded for sure. But anyway, who cares as far we have got it coming for free in our stats!

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Jio 10 GB offer – Are you eligible?

But hold on, not everyone is lucky enough this spring! Only a select few seem to be showered with jio 10 GB (free, should not omit this, after all, that’s the keyword😉) this time. And to know if you are eligible for this Jio 10 GB offer, here is how to do it…

Simply pop open your  My Jio app on your smartphone and head over to “My Plans”. If you are lucky, enough you may see 10 GB free add-on data!

Jio 10 GB offer – How?

If you are lucky enough to see it your My Plans section, the million dollar question come is how to get this Jio 10 GB free data?

If sources are to be believed, you simply have to dial the toll-free no. 1299!!  If everything goes well, you will get a SMS something like this…

jio 10 gb offer


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