KIRIN 970 Processor

KIRIN 970 Processor

Every day, mobile technology is raising its  standards. Higher performance requirements  is one of the main cause. Qualcomm is the king of the mobile chipset manufacturers. Its chipsets are found in more phones than any other brand.  But the latest chipset from the HUAWEI is completely different and something else. It’s called the Kirin 970 processor and it is the first SoC to pack in a NEURAL PROCESSING UNIT (NPU).

KIRIN 970 Processor

The HUAWEI Kirin 970 processor is new generation super-fast mobile chipset with the all new key feature: a NEUTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (NPU). Its important because it drives the Kirin 970 Processor ’s ARTIFICIAL PLATFORM (AI) platform. This new feature will enable cloud-based artificial intelligence and on device artificial intelligence to run alongside each other, which makes this new chipset as one of the fastest.

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This chipset will power the HUAWEI MATE 10 and MATE 10 PRO.

According to the CEO of HUAWEI “MOBILE AI = ON-DEVICE AI + CLOUD AI”. The ultimate goal is to provide a significantly better user experience and smooth user interface.

KIRIN 970 Processor – its super speed!

At the launch event, HUAWEI demonstrated the NPU’s super speedy image recognition. The Kirin 970 Processor can process 2,000 images per minute, which is considerably more than other chips with similar abilities, and the main reason for all this hyper performance is newly featured NPU.

What gives the KIRIN 970 Processor its power?

Its built using 10nm process, like QUALCOMM’s SNAPDRAGON 835, and has an unbelievable 5.5 million transistors in a single square centimeter. The KIRIN 970 Processor has an eight core CPU and 12 core GPU. HUAWEI said that it is 50 times more efficient and 25 times more powerful than the quad-core chip with cortex A73 CPU, which was used in KIRIN 960 Processor.

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The power requirements for this chipset is low, as it requires less than 0.5 watts, which means the phone won’t run too hot or require any special management of the processors to keep the temperatures under control.

Other key features to be considered is the support for 4K video decode/encode and the ability to handle 10 bit color (HDR10).


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