Pubg Mobile Night Mode (update 0.9.0)

Pubg night mode is finally coming to your mobiles. The level of gaming is getting exciting. Pubg night mode is way more interesting than what you might think. You need skills and luck both to win the match with night goggles or better known as Night Vision becoming vital for survival. The gaming environment of Pubg mobile has changed a lot and you need to be very good at setting your game strategy. There will be an option to enable and disable the night vision.

Initially , the game play  remains the same till we jump off the plane and becomes realistic as we get into the game arena. We start out in daylight and after a while when there are fewer players alive the daylight turns into night slowly and those who don’t have these Night Vision goggles will sooner face difficulties to stay alive. It looks similar to GTA V  night mode.

Sound effects have also been changed quite a bit, as there is ambient noise of insects in night, making the game more realistic. The character animation  has also become smoother than before, it makes the players actions more realistic. Pubg night mode also reveals the vehicles to have headlights but they are of no use. Pubg night mode is basically Dynamic as it becomes like our normal day in which there sunlight and moonlight and night vision automatically gets disabled. The helmet colours are also changed a bit it has become little grey than green. Also, There are some glitches like the bike glows a lot, it looks like a ghost rider bike. When enemies get killed in night you can see the blood easily as it glows quite a bit. Drops are way harder to find without the night goggles after the smoke goes off when smoke is there it’s clearly visible glowy red colour is seen. The game though as certainly raised the bar, and become much more intriguing, if you want to give a try  CLICK HERE.

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  1. nice information but do we have to select a particular setting for night mode or it comes automatically or there are any hacks for it..

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