Python 3 Programming Introduction Tutorial


Why Python?

If you are really a beginner then you are at the right place. Python is a very basic and user-friendly language. If you are learning the coding for the first time it can be the best language to learn. Even if you don’t know to program it will be easy for you.

cricket = "Dhoni", "kholi", "jadeja", "gayle"
for player in cricket:

In this example, we are going to print the names of the cricket players stored inside the variable (Container to store Strings) cricket.

“print()” is a built-in function that will output everything present inside it on Console.

("Dhoni", "kholi", "jadeja", "gayle")

How to install Python:

#Ubuntu installation
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3.6

By this, we can install python in Ubuntu and process for Windows is quite simple by going to the link.

It is quite simple on windows by clicking next and then click install and you are good to go. You can use python in different ways.

There are 2 Types of modes in python :

  1. Immediate Mode
  2. Editor Mode

Immediate Mode:

This is a direct mode and it can be used directly through CMD (Command Prompt) in the Windows and in Ubuntu, it can be directly accessed through Terminal. You can enter into the Python immediate mode by just type python inside the terminal. There is one more method to access the immediate mode through idle which is a platform for python code to executed. Idle is also an immediate mode.

Whatsapp using Python?

Editor Mode :

Editor mode is as simple as creating a program inside a file and then executing it. The extension of the file created in the python is stored by the  .py extension.

By going to Idle and going to the “File ” Option at the top and then clicking on “New” option this will create a new file in which you can type your program and this will be stored with extension by .py extension only.

Where is Python Used?

  1. Youtube
  2. Google
  3. Reddit

Nowadays python is the most widely used language. It is very efficient language in terms of efficiency. Python is used in many places in the real world problems that you can also work upon if you understand the python properly.

Example :

  1.  Google Assistant based on voice recognition
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Ads you see everywhere Online
  4. Controlling the website automatically

Python has many built-in libraries that make your work easy at every time and these libraries are constantly evolving every day. So this makes developers easy to code and make programs fast. Some of the libraries are :

  1. Selenium (that is used to control websites automatically)
  2. OpenCV
  3. TensorFlow (Google Open Source library for artificial intelligence)

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