Quantum technology: The next level of supercomputers

Quantum computing: The next level computing

Those racing to realize the potential of quantum computing and quantum technology have been busy indicating that within next half decade a functional machine will be here- which will be capable of undertaking unimaginable tasks in today’s world of supercomputers.
As we saw with the rise of digital computers, time is always uncertain as the developments we expect often taking a longer time than predicted. But we all know that patience is the key to success, in the similar way we can definitely say that the greatest computer revolution is about to take place within the next 5 years. One great sign is that May tech giants are making big investments. These are coming up by companies like IBM, Google, Intel and Microsoft, these companies strongly believe that this technology will provide a step to change key to their growth and take it to the best level they had ever thought about. The path for quantum computers is all set and the important question is not about how they will arrive but what form will they take and how will they be put into action.

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Why is quantum computing worth pursuing?

The reason is the quantum bit or qubit. Unlike a digital binary bit, which can only be on or off, a quantum bit can be ON or OFF, both ON and OFF, and neither ON nor OFF. When put together to function the quantum technology allows for more processing power.
It will deliver a quantum advantage, or so called quantum supremacy, that will take this computer to far more superior level than the current computers. To achieve this feat a system would need 50 to 100 qubits.

Quantum bits: what is it made up of?

Superconductors, ultra-cold atoms and ultra-cold ions are among the means to create the quantum bits. But the creations of qubits is not that easy as there are a bunch of problems ahead using the above mentioned means. Ultra-cold atoms great scale production but they lack accuracy. Ultra-cold ions provide decent accuracy but produce only 10-20 qubits. And the use of superconductors relies an advantage in the material science and requires a lot of time.

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As we generate more and more data, the present day computers hit the processor limits, this is where the quantum computer is the king, as you can see the greatest advantages of the quantum versions. From the smallest to the toughest problems in the current computers the quantum technology will solve all the problems.

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