Samsung Galaxy S9 Retail Box Leaked with Specs

Samsung is ready to show off its successor of the Galaxy S8 line up. Samsung Galaxy S9 was absent from the CES 2018 in Las Vegas but it was later confirmed that it will be launched at MWC 2018 at the end of February.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has been rumored for the past few months and it looks same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 but with Slight modifications as per the leaked images and the Samsung has taken an initiative to place the fingerprint at the right place at the back of the phone below the camera rather than beside the Camera making it big pain to use fingerprint sensor.

Samsung has not officially launched the Galaxy S9 but there is a loophole that the Retail Box of Samsung Galaxy S9 has bumped on to the internet on Reddit. It has leaked most of the Specs of the upcoming lineup of the Samsung Flagship. The Retail Box is confirmed to be of Galaxy S9 only and it looks the same as the S8 and S8+ matte black Color.

Samsung S9 Box

The BOX has revealed a lot of the things and the biggest bump comes in the form of camera improvement with “SUPER SPEED DUAL PIXEL  12MP OIS (F1.5/F2.4)” and the Front Camera also bumped with Auto Focus Technology “8MP  AF Selfie Camera” means Selfie fans its going to improve more and you will be able to take better Selfie’s with those Pixel 2 Bokeh Shots.

This type of Camera Specs was seen in the Korean Exclusive Samsung W2018 Flip Phone. It shows that this feature will bring immense improvement in low light and those Bokeish shots like Pixel 2. Capturing more light by the Sensor and it is rumored that it can capture 43 percent more light than Sony’s flagship sensor and will also support better slo-mo videos.

The Galaxy S9 will have 5.8 inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 with rounded corners and molded display. It looks from the renders that Galaxy S9 will be bezel less than the Galaxy S8.

The Processor in the Galaxy S9 will be the latest flagship processor of  Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and the latest Samsung Processor Exynos 9810 in different countries. It will come with 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard and expandable storage. It is little annoying that Samsung is still settling with 4GB RAM in 2018 with so many manufacturers shifting towards 6GB and 8GB as the Smartphone are handling so many tasks. So it needs more RAM to be faster and efficient and also the applications like augmented reality, Virtual Reality coming in the picture with Artificial Intelligence so it is quite awkward to have 4GB RAM Samsung must have planned something for this situation. It will feature Knox Security and will be IP68 certified that is water and dust resistance. It will support the audio capability by AKG, along with QI wireless charging.

It seems like it is a reality of the Galaxy S9 by the Retail Box but still, it’s not sure to say anything. But still, we need to wait for a month to see the Galaxy S9 in reality in MWC 2018.

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