Self-parking technology now in slippers and TV remotes

Self-parking technology now in slippers and TV remotes

Think of any household object and Nissan would probably make it self-park with its new self-parking technology. The dreams of house automation are about to become true.
Before vehicles become completely automatic, the manufactures are up on driver assistance features that help us stay in line during driving, to avoid accidents and over-speeding. Nissan’s autonomous driving technology is marked under ProPilot, but this automation need not be limited to automobiles.
The company recently decided to embed this self-parking system called propilot park, in everyday objects. The end result is propilot park Ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese inn, but many of the objects inside have been modified, that is they have been automated with the inclusion of self-parking technology.

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First introduced in the all-new Nissan LEAF in Japan in October 2017, ProPILOT Park detects surrounding objects and lets drivers automatically park the vehicle in a selected parking space by pressing a button. The same technology is being used in the amenities at the ProPILOT Park Ryokan during a demonstration to entertain guests and reduce staff workload.
People visiting this place will witness pairs of slippers neatly moving back into the place ready for guests to put them on, floor cushions will move back to their designated position, and even the TV remote will automatically ‘park’ itself where the guests can easily see it.

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The propilot park Ryokan is real and located in Hakone, Japan. The manufacturing giant Nissan is offering two travelers a free night stay there if the amazing thought of everyday objects moving around by themselves doesn’t freak them out. Well this showcases the possible future. We already use automatic robot vacuum cleaners to keep our floors clean and recently we witnessed the evolution of smart speakers. So, why not a future where you go out and when you return back, you see your house clean and gets put in order automatically? No need to clean your house and never going to lose your TV remote again is surely going be a fantasy world for some of the appealers.

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