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Working out seems to be the new trend! Everyone in our generation seems to get more and more health concious day by day. But why not take this in a smarter way from now onwards. Why not, instead of simply burning out calories blindly, for once take a smart step- start using Smart Step!

Smart step is an electronic device that has three D gyroscope, three D accelerometer and pressure sensors planted on cc240 system with 8051 proccesor, Bluetooth and flash memory buffer. Smart step is an activity monitor. The user simply fits the smart step into their shoes and goes out on their regular activity. The smart step then monitors the user’s activity and keeps a track on various kinds of parameters.
It measures the user’s physical activity and caloric burn. The smart step is attached to android smart phone wirelessly. This product focuses on low-power implementation methods and on the method for reliable data buffering. The power consumption for this device quite low. It can be used for several hours.


It can be worn for two days continuously without charging .The smart step monitors the various activities like distance covered, speed during particular time, displacement, velocity, caloric burn and many other important aspects required for evaluating physical fitness of an individual during normal days and it helps to keep a count on the calories burnt .It measures the pressure, ground reaction forced, centre of mass, pedestrian navigation and tracking. It is also used for estimations of the body weight of the wearer.
The ability of the smart shoe to measure the weight bearing activity and non activity for measuring the energy expenditure for the work done is really worth a try. At the end, entire smart step provides intense comfort and arch support to the user.

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