Smartphone Photography: Tips And Tricks!

Your phone is lot more capable of what you think. you can use your phone to capture some amazing pictures even though it may not offer as much control as a DSLR. So here are some photography tips to get some unique shots on your smartphone camera.


The idea behind HDR or High Dynamic Range is to enhance the detail in the image focusing mainly on darkness and shadow areas and make it appear more colorful and vivid. Basically it is done by taking multiple photos  with different exposure and later combining them into a single one. Majority of smartphones today come up with inbuilt HDR feature so you don’t require an external app to experience this amazing feature. In case your smartphone doesn’t support the HDR feature then you can install an app called “A Better Camera”, it offers HDR for both stills and videos.

Tilt Shift [Miniature effect]

This feature enables you to take miniature photos and is an perfect way to shoot cars or cityscape from the top of a building. It is important you find a perfect place to click pictures with this effect and make sure that the areas you keep in focus has bright colors to make the picture look stunning. you can try Tilt-Shift camera app by mrgnpza. This app lets you adjust the focus area and allow you to choose between linear and circular zones. other apps such as Snapseed and Pixlr also allow you to use the Tilt-Shift feature.

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Panorama Sequences

In a panorama sequence, you can take a wide-angle panorama with your subject appearing multiple times in the frame for a amazing and cool looking shot. Since all the smartphones come with the panorama effect, you don’t require any external app. To take a panorama sequence, shoot panorama from one corner to another corner with your subject standing in one pose. once you have panned enough to take the subject out of the frame, stop moving and let your subject circle around behind you to a new position in the frame. Repeat this process a few times in a single panorama click and you will get a panorama sequence. Your subject will appear in different poses in a single panorama photo.

Long Exposure Photography

You’ve probably seen photos of waterfall in which river appears to be in motion or the photo of light trails. This is done by a technique called Long Exposure which requires control over shutter speed. In auto mode, any camera will tend to keep the fastest shutter speed that freezes everything in place. You will need to reduce the shutter speed with a manual mode. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the camera should be steady, placing on a flat surface or a stand. For android users to get into the manual mode :

First open the manual mode and increase the shutter speed (make it a second or more). Next go to the ISO setting and select the lowest available value. once you have completed the above settings all you need to do is find and subject. You can use a highway or even shoot stars. You need to experiment different shutter speeds for different scenarios. You can use apps like Long Exposure Camera 2 or Camera FV-5 Lite.

Well these tips will surely improve the quality of your photography.🤗🤗

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