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So, it all started over a cup of coffee ( no we were not having a date….hum toh maggi kha rhe the!😋 That’s what hosteliers do best). We had this urge to do get on to something exciting! And here we are on an escapade called Technik Now!

So, behold, here is our gang…..



Media Manager, Author



This guy is completely stupid, literally. I mean who is still amazed by Browsers? Bro, it’s 2k17! Apparently, this guy fantasizes every single piece of tech he sees, from giant super smart cars to a tiny piece of software. He likes (I mean loves) it all. And my personal opinion, this hard-working lad is the pro when it comes to penning down stuff!

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Ajeet Kumar

SEO Editor, Author



This Shraddha Kapoor die-hard fan and software engineer in the making boasts of having an awesome set of coding skills as his forte and likes to be in sync with what seems to be going around when it comes to tech stuff! And yea, this big Bollywood buff (raised to power infinity) is all music!

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Author, Advertisement Manager



So, I unveil in front of you the dude whose brainchild is Tehcnik Now!( Ya this most experienced chap among us was eating Maggi! ).  You can call him the Tech Buffer as he loves the way technology is pouring ours in his veins. Everything fascinates him, the way phones take pictures to the way Google finds its search result!

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Abhishek Malvadkar

Author, SEO Editor



This WWF aficionado aka beast of our group has got as much interest when it comes to tech and knowing more than any jack and jill about any gadget hitting the stores goes to be his forte! And not to forget, this Gulbarga guy just adores Electronics and has still landed in CSE and does master it too……

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Neeraj Kumar

Social Media Marketer, Author



If anyone asks what the soul of this site – spit out dis single word – Neeraj! Whole damn success goes to this genius who is on facebook, insta, Google+, LinkedIn, WhatsApp….all at the same time! This Engineer in the making is quite popular for his funny one-liners and optimistic attitude.

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Siddharth Urankar

Media Manager, Author



This right minded genius has got ART in his name itself! All the graphics you see out here, Courtesy Sid! Without this fantastic photographer, our site would have been just three things – text, text, text! This kind-hearted Belgaum boy seems to hold all the skills in business in his kitty!

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Kapil Kumar

Social Media Marketer, Author



This guy has got a UNIX on workstation instead of windows! Now isn’t that enough to let you get the tech-cum-geekiness level of this guy. And obviously this chap is our go to guy for all the new ideas and extension advice!

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