The ratings game where “UA” is the new “U”

The ratings game where “UA” is the new “U”

There are many occasions where people open up a portal to hunt for a U-rated movie. And people still believe that ratings given by central board of film certification (CBFC) and assume that a U-rated movie would have no violence, so that the kids can watch.
But under careful observation we can notice that the U-rated movies are getting endangered. We rarely find such movies now. The bulk of them fall under UA category. Movies that are meant for adults, but you can take your kids under the tag “under parental guidance”. When the movie is rated as UA, the decision is left to the parents whether to take their children along with them or not. However the funniest part is that the parents themselves discover the contents of the movie only after watching it.

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So where did all the U movies vanish?

The Bahubalis and Padmaavats are rated as UA but accepted as the must watch family movies along with tiny tots. To be fair, the CBFC are right in doing their duty. When Bahubali stack their enemies like chicken kebabs on a spear, the CBFC obviously cannot rate them as U. looking at the action scenes these movies should be rated as A category. But the huge investments made the producers, they cannot afford an A rating and take a beating at the box office. Some they pass by UA margin and enter the UA rating that is the ‘family’ category.
Well many people still query that why a movie is rated A when there is hardly any sleaze. A large number of people still believe that it’s okay for kids to watch gory violence on screen.

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So, for now UA is a safe option for all. This is a way to produce ‘family movies’ of all genres and for all ages. The true universal movie category.

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