WhatsApp Locked Recording -This update will make your life easier

To make sure that our favorite app, Facebook-owned WhatsApp does stay on the top, it has come up with another awesome cum much-needed update. With the added feature of WhatsApp Locked Recording, these guys at Menlo Park are making sure that our lives get a whole lot easier than ever. How So? Read on…

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WhatsApp Locked Recording

Last week WhatsApp came up with an update which allows its user to notify their contacts about the change of their numbers. This update was only for the android users with beta update. And now having passed few days it has come up with another new update. This new update is for the android users with beta update 2.18.102.

whatsapp locked recording

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What is WhatsApp Locked Recording?

This latest WhatsApp update makes sure that you won’t have to continuously hold down your thumb on the right bottom of the app, as was the case earlier. This feature was surely a pain in the neck for those who go the so-called  “multitasking” way.

In the latest update, all one needs to do is tap on the mic button followed by which an option will pop up which says “slide up to lock recording”. If you want to lock the recording just slide up and your locked voice recording will start. Now you are free and can keep your phone on the table or anywhere else you wish to and record. You can also do some other work simultaneously as your both hands are free. When you are done with your recording you can tap on the send button (a green colored arrow) to send the message. You also have an option of canceling the voice recorded by simply tapping on the cancel button.


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Restrictions of WhatsApp Locked Recording

With this amazing feature of WhatsApp locked recording, not everything is as perfect as it seems to be. It does come with many restrictions…
1) While using this feature you can not view any photo or any video.
2) While using the feature of “locked” voice recording, you can not type a message. If you wish to type a message you first have to stop the recording.
3) Another restriction which WhatsApp has put with this feature is that you can not move to other chat while recording a “locked” voice message. If you try moving to other chat, your recording will be canceled automatically.


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