How to Recall WhatsApp Messages

The most catchy messaging platform, Whatsapp has again come up with game-changing technique “Whatsapp message Recall” to improve your communication.It has introduced the Whatsapp message recall feature, called “Delete for Everyone”.Those of you out there who wrongly send messages and wants to recall them back this is how you can do it now.You now have an option in the chat window to delete the already sent message the catchy part here is that it gets deleted for all the recipients of the message. So bear with me for 5 minutes and I will tell you how to it.

Let’s assume that I have sent a wrong message to my friend which I should not have done or it was never meant to be.
Now there are a couple of simple steps how you can call the message back or delete it.


  1. Open the chat window and long-press the wrong sent messages.You will see a delete button at the top of the chat window. Tap the “delete” button. A pop-up window will appear with the message “Delete message?” with three buttons that are  ” DELETE FOR EVERYONE”    “CANCEL”     “DELETE FOR ME”. If you press “DELETE FOR ME” then the message will be deleted only for you. If you press “DELETE FOR EVERYONE” then the message will be deleted for all the recipient.                        
  2. The text within the message on WhatsApp is replaced with “This message was deleted” for the recipient. And you will also see a“You deleted this message” tag on your screen.        



  1. You should have the latest Beta update of the Whatsapp to use this Feature.
  2. This Feature of Recalling the message is only for those messages which were sent within 7 minutes of time.So the messages sent before 7 minutes cant be recalled.
  3. The message recall feature is not available for messages sent in broadcast lists.
  4. The message recall feature will not only work for text messages but will also work with images, GIFs, voice notes, contact cards, location, documents, status replies, and more. Also, the messages work in both group chats and individual chats. There is currently no support for recalling quoted messages.
  5. The Delete for Everyone action will also make message notifications disappear.They will be replaced with the same ‘This message was deleted’.
  6. This Feature is being rolled out to all the devices supported by iOS, Android, and Windows users.


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6 Comments on “How to Recall WhatsApp Messages”

  1. bhai what if the recipient has already seen the message….then also can we call it back…whats the point at dat point??

  2. if the recipient has already seen the message and if the message has not reached a time span of 7 min than you can recall it back

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