World’s Most Practical Video Encoder HandBrake!

Have you ever heard the name Video Converter HandBrake?

If I was to make a list of things that I don’t like to do on my laptop, video conversion would come at least in the top 2, with doing nothing at the top😉. I remember that we used to own a Sony Handycam. It was the time when camcorders weren’t popular at all. Android wasn’t even known, and Nokia had just launched their N series. The Handycam used to have a cassette to record videos. However, the recorded videos couldn’t be transferred directly to the PC. So we had to install a Sony software that would convert those videos to PC compatible format. Now for a 10-minute video, the output video would be of 1+GB. For a PC with just 160GB hard disk storage, 1GB just for a small video wasn’t really practical.  I used to see a 3-hour movie, whose overall video size was never more than 700MB. I always wondered how was that possible. We used to convert videos earlier to change its format, like .avi to .mp4. That’s not why we do it today. Today, with technology improvements, almost every system supports all formats. We use video converters today to get a reduced video size with the same quality. Its all about sharing. A bigger file would take a longer time to transfer and who likes waiting? So, today I present you the World’s Most Practical Video Converter – HandBrake!

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that I have done the best research I could before choosing handbrake. I did read different posts, visited forums and watched different videos about video converters before arriving at a conclusion. So keep calm and relax, you are at best place you could be right now. Let’s start with installation, shall we?

HandBrake is NOT specifically meant for video format conversion. It converts all the videos to MP4/MKV, as per the user choice. It however uses advanced converting mechanism, that compresses the videos effeciently making it of lowest size possible preserving the quality.

Installing HandBrake

Handbrake’s installation is rather easy. They have done a fairly good job with their website as well as with the installer package for making this process easy. Let’s start:

PART-A: Downloading the Installer

  1. First, we visit Handbrake’s Official Website –
  2. You should see yourself in the download section, here based on your OS, click on the download link. I have a Windows 10 OS installed on my system, so I clicked the Download(64 bit) link under Windows banner.
  3. Clicking on the download link should redirect you to a new page. Just hang on a second, your download should begin automatically. Save the file to a safe location.
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PART-B: Installing HandBrake

  1. Open the file we just now downloaded.
  2. This is a general installer we see for different programs, so I think that this should be easy for you. Else follow the order: Next -> I Agree -> Change the Installation location if you want to and finally click “Install”.
  3. The installation should begin now. Once completed, click “Finish”.

If everything works out correctly, HandBrake should be installed on your computer system.

Video Conversion

And finally its time for some real action!

  1. Start off by opening HandBrake. The first load up may take up more time than general. On the left side, there are two options for video conversion – single file or folder(for a complete folder of videos) conversion.
  2. Select the option you prefer, and add your videos to HandBrake. The software would take up little time to process the files. When it’s done, set the destination by clicking on “Browse”. 
  3. On the right side, you should see different presets for almost any device that you might have. Ranging from Apple iPhones to Sony Playstations. There are also some general presets to select, if you are just looking to compress video size. Select a preset and move to the next step.
  4. You can also tweak the output setting from the tabs in the middle. You can also select the output format(.mp4/.mkv). There are options to change video codec, add chapters and add multiple audio tracks and subtitles. Feel free to change few settings as required. You can also save your own configuration as a new preset, just by clicking “Add” button below the Presets menu.
  5. Don’t forget to use the “Preview” tool in the top section. This will give you a real comparison between different outputs for different configurations. Compare both outputs side by side and choose what gives you a better output.
  6. Finally, click on “Start Encode” button in the top section to start converting the video. At the bottom, you can see the current stats. Use the “Pause” button from the top section to pause the conversion. Select what to do when the conversion completes from the bottom right button. Till then sit back, relax, drink a cup of coffee or the best of all, watch Chhota Bheem and chill😂.

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Final Thoughts

That wraps up everything. As always, comment down any of your queries or doubts about HandBrake. I would love to answers all those, a free service I provide to all my lovely reader, and especially YOU😃. Till then stay awesome and don’t actually watch Chhota Bheem, that was just a joke. Watch Motu Patlu instead😆.


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