5th Generation Technology

Recently Airtel dropped 2G internet packs from its kitty. Gone are the days of the hype of 3G scams. And seriously you need to get over with 4G too. Now we ought to get ready for the fifth generation!! Acronymed as 5G, it is the fifth generation of telephony technology, which is expected to create the “network of networks” and it will deliver high-speed bandwidth and lower latency that has ever introduced till now.

5G technology offers 5Ghz signals and speeds up to 1Gb/s. According to Chinese mobile market, 5G will provide speed 100 times faster than 4G LTE. 5G network is expectedly expendable up to hundreds of thousands of connection. 5G technology has all types of advanced features which make 5G most powerful technology and because of that, it has the huge demand in future.

Its time you get to know what happens behind the curtains while cap decides to challenge the umpire! Lets break down DRS…

Technologies Used In DRS(Decision Review System)

Features of 5 G technology

So, its time we break this thing down bit by bit and come know about all the concepts of this upcoming beast!

The uploading and downloading speed :

Downloading speed: Already, the technology is under trail and it has been found that it is 30-50 times faster than 4G. For example, if 4G takes 6 minutes to conjure up a movie on your drive, you reach 100% in just half a minute!

Uploading speed: The exact upload speed will, of course, be a little bit slower than the downloading speed but still, it’s gonna touch whooping 10Gbps.

Latency reduced of 5G:

About latency, 3G response times are typically around 120 milliseconds, for 4G the latency is roughly half that is between 15 and 60 milliseconds. 5G response time will be drop approximately to 1 milliseconds which is completely incredible.

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Data rate  of  5G for metropolitan areas is 100Mbps:

According to trails for technology, we can use very high internet speed in 5G technology approximately 1GBps and for the metropolitan areas, we will be able to use up to 100Mbps.

Providing 1 GB per sec:

For home routers, a fifth-generation connection can provide a minimum (ya! minimum) of 4Gbps but trials recorded around 1Gbps if half a dozen people join in!

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The spectral of 5G efficiency is much enhanced :

Spectral efficiency is the optimized use of bandwidth so the maximum amount of data can be transmitted with the fewest transmission error.

5G researchers have set a new record for spectral efficiency, in the experiment the group has achieved a rate of 145.6 Hz for 22 users and each modulates with 256-QAM, on a shared 20MHz radio channels at 3.51 MHz with 128-antenna. This represents that 5G is have shown a 22-fold increase in spectrum efficiency over today’s existing 4G networks.

Low battery consumption:

The reduction of power consumption by networks and devices is fundamentally important to the economic and ecological sustainability of the industry. A general industry principle for minimizing power usage in a network and terminal equipment should pervade all generations of technology.

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Low cost of infrastructural development:

Total Cost of Ownership could be desirable for understanding all the costs that would be involved in a 5G-technology. For that purpose, researchers calculate the Capex of the roll-out for each geotype and for each year i of the study period (2020–2030) considering these may vary over time.

The Capex is defined by the equation:

Capex 5G Net i = C Macro cell i + C Small cell i + C Backhaul i + C Corei

where Capex 5G Net i consists of the sum of Capex costs for all assets including brownfield macro-cell upgrades

(C Macro cell i ), greenfield small cell deployments fibre (C Small cell i )backhaul () and core upgrade costs(C Corei).


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