The CEO of Facebook was confronted by the US congress recently, wherein the company clarified all the questions related to the data breach.
The product management director in his recent blog mentioned that “apps and websites that use our services, such as like button or Facebook analytics, send us information to make their content and ads better”.
In return for that information, Facebook helps those websites with relevant ads or data analytics which in turn helps them to understand people use their services.
Whenever the user visits a site or app that uses the Facebook services, the company receives the information even if you are logged out or don’t own a Facebook account. This is because other sites and apps don’t know who is using Facebook.
Many companies offer these types of services and, like Facebook, they also get information from the apps and sites that use them.
“Twitter, Pintrest and LinkedIn have similar like and share buttons to help people share things on their respective services”. Facebook said.

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How does Facebook save data offline?
When you visit a website, your browser sends a request to the site’s server. The browser shares your IP address so that website knows where on the internet the information should be send.                                                                                    The website also gets information about the browser and the operating system; this is because not all browsers and devices support the same features.                                                                                                                                                                       It also gets cookies, which identifies the websites which you have visited before. This can help saving the previous data, like saving the items you shopped earlier of adding items to the cart.

There are three main ways on which the Facebook uses the information it gets from different websites or apps:-
1. Providing the services to these sites or apps.
2. Improving safety and security on Facebook.
3. Enhancing the Facebook products and services.

Zuckerberg , who appeared in the US congress told the lawmakers that his own personal data was part of the 87 million users that was “improperly shared” with British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.
Mark also said that “we use data that people put into the system in order to make them more relevant. And people own their content”.
However the impact of this scandal was used to influence over the voter opinion on behalf of the politicians who hired them.
The politicians paid Cambridge Analytica to use the information from the data breach, which included the following events:-
1. 2015 campaign of US politicians.
2. 2016 UK membership elections.
Looking at this scandal Amazon suspended Cambridge Analytica from using their Amazon Web services. Various government organizations in US and countries like India and Brazil demanded the report from Cambridge Analytica, to check the number of people who were affected by this data breach.

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