Finding Lost Smartphone is now easier than ever

Finding Lost Smartphone

Have you ever lost your Smartphone? Then you should check out Finding Lost Smartphone Feature. Over the years, Google has introduced a lot of tools and feature to enhance the security features of Android Smartphone’s and, at the same time, offer seamless user experience. In 2013 Google introduced device manager service which helps in locating lost devices. Then last year company released some more features and named it as Find my device.
The Find my device feature is default enabled on Android devices running on Android KitKat and above. Any android device or Smartphone must have a working internet connection and Google sign-in feature with location enabled for the feature to work.
The company says Android users found the find my device feature quite useful. Taking the feedback, the tech giant introduced some more features to both the app and the website for better user experience. The added feature include:-



In case you lost your phone and it is not connected to the internet and it cannot display the current location, then Find my device will display the last known location from the Google maps location history. Users will also have the ability to launch maps location timeline from the app so they can retrace their steps.


The app will also display the last connected wifi access point. This will enable the users to determine the location of their lost device even if can’t be traced to the exact place.


The Find my device will also tell the amount of battery left on the Smartphone. This will allow users to estimate the time they have to reach their Smartphone and also the amount of time they have to use their Smartphone.


It is now easier for users with multiple devices to select the one they are looking for and perform some common actions, such as ring, lock and erase.


Users can find their watch with their phone, and their phone with their watch (as long as both the device locations are enabled) or ask their Google home to find their device by saying, “OK GOOGLE, WHERE IS MY PHONE?”

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To use Find my device, your lost device must

1. Be turned on
2. Be signed in to a Google account
3. Be connected to mobile data or wifi
4. Be visible on Google play
5. Have location turned on
6. Have to Find my device turned on.

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