Google Pixel 2

After Google pixel, the Google pixel 2 is the second Smartphone made under label “Google”.

The pixel 2 is way more powerful, has a better camera and other new features. But the most important change of all is the absence of 3.5mm headphone port. Its launch is scheduled for Thursday, October 19 and the prices starts at $649 for the 64GB variant and $749 for the 128GB variant.


The Google pixel 2 has a 5-inch, 1080 AMOLED display, with 441PPI (pixels per inch). Unlike other phones to take this version of phone to another level the Google pixel 2 has a new feature it is “the always-on display”.

This features displays time, date, email and text message notifications and reminders on the screen without touching or waking the pixel 2. For example, if you are playing music, the pixel 2 can detect the tune of the song and display the tune that’s playing on the always-on display, without the use of internet connection as it fetches the data from the device database of the music.


The Google pixel 2 comes with full metal finish with the touch of a glass at the top of the rear of the phone, where the camera and flash are located. However the biggest change is the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack. Which means that either we have to use a set of BLUETOOTH headphones or a type C USB connected headphone?

The Google pixel 2 has a centralized fingerprint scanner which is claimed by Google as the fastest one on any phone.

It’s also dust and water resistant, which means the phone can take a deep sea dive without struggling with the specified conditions.

The Google has changed the location of the speakers by shifting the speakers to the front, which provides better audio experience. The Google pixel 2 comes in 3 color variants, just black, clearly white and kinda blue.


The Google pixel 2 comes with the presently most powerful chipset Snapdragon 835, giving equally tough competition to its competitors. The pixel 2 is more powerful due to the presence of 4GB RAM, which means that the any tasks thrown at the pixel 2 should be completed without any issue.


The Google pixel 2 has a 12MP rear camera with OIS(optical image stabilization) along with the combined feature of HDR. The Google pixel 2 has an amazing 98 DxO score, which is the highest score by any Smartphone till date.

By seeing the DoX scores we would wonder what this dual camera is made of?

But wait, to everyone’s wonder the Google pixel 2 has a single lens. It still comes with the portrait mode, allowing users to take stunning shots by blurring the background and to enhance the foreground.

This phone is super-cool for people who are into selfies, as the phone comes with 8MP front-facing camera.


The Google pixel 2 comes with fast charging which gives a top up time of 7 hours and 15 minutes. The size of the battery is 2,700mAh which can last upto a day. But along with its stable battery period the expectations were high as we were expecting wireless charging, which is absent in this case.


There is no surprise in this part, as the phone runs the stock version of android 8.0 OREO. It is the latest version of the Google’s operating system and the the device in question will be the enjoying all the benefits of the android.

Along with the latest OS the phone has the benefit of Google assistant, providing wide range of voice-enabled features.

And to make the management of your schedule on the go a cake walk, it seems that Google guys have conjured up a powerful calendar widget. The fact that this thing will be able to give you instant reminders about your events on your lock screen is what sets it apart from the normal Google calendar we guys have been using since long. In a nutshell, gone are the days when one had to download a plethora of other apps to make sure that you get the reminder on time and be the first one in spree to wish that loved one!

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