Google Search Tricks To Change the Way you Search!

Google Search is not only a powerful search tool but also a friend of millions of web users across the globe.  Its always there. (Yea! Obviously ditches you while you are not connected).  It can help you with anything, whether its about searching places, words, building, names, lyrics, persons, institutions or any other living or non living being on the planet.

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Students simply can’t go without it and it also a good source of information for adults too.  But untimately we know Google as a vast tool of knowledge and we search google for information we need.

Here is the list of the most effective google search tricks for simplifying your search results…

1. Either this or that!

There are times when you are not sure of the search but Google simplifies this for you.  Just put in the search variations separated by the vertical bar symbol (pipeline). Just have a look at whats there on the top of your Enter key and press it along with Shift key. You get this – ” | “.

Getting tacky or too technical?

Don’t rack your brains as instead of this you are free to use “or” in this google search trick .

For example you watched a movie but are not sure if the director was Anurag kashyup or it was Anurag basu . Try googling…


2. Prioritizing Search Results!

Well this is an easy one .All you have to do is just add plus(+) or minus(-) sign in front of the search

OK, we’ll understand this with an example if you want to search for sports but don’t want Cricket to be included, just write ‘sports -cricket’ and just replace minus sign with the plus to have information on cricket specifically  .


3. The Asterisk *

Aren’t there times when you seem to

recall a famous dialog from your favorite flick and what you get is only the chunks of it? No issues! This  google search trick has got you covered….

Just replace the word or the phrase you don’t remember with the Asterisk.Yea! Shift along with no 8 gives you ” *  “.

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4. When lots of words are missing!

Now you know you can use Asterisk if you don’t remember one word or number.  But what if you don’t remember multiple words.

Don’t worry, this google search trick will help you like anything.

Just type the first and last word and put AROUND [approximate number of missing words between them].

Confused? Lets understand with an example.

Like if you want to search a poem, you may not be knowing its author except few lines of it. It look like ‘I took……………. travelled’.

Now try typing in “I took AROUND (4) travelled”.  Google will win this guessing game and then will show you the full poem with its description.


5. Searching within a Website!

Yeah, yeah, I know most of you are aware of this but this trick is so much of use that it worth mentioning.

Just type the address of the site followed by the phrase and the key words you want to search in that site.


6. Using the a number range!

Now what if you want to know about the event that happened between a certain time frame.  Here again google comes to you aid.

Just type in your search and for the timeframe starting followed by three dots and the end date.


It works with other numbers as well.  Like price range for Nike, football $200…300.

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7. Defining Words and where they come from!

Any language is constantly developing.  So new words appear and old words become history.

So google gives you the meaning of the word if you write ‘define : followed by the word.  So you know what the word means without going through the website.

There should not be any space between the:(colon) and the word.

This trick also works on Slangs and Acronyms.

8. Searching for a Title or URL!

Suppose you have a keyword or the title of an article and you want google’s help in finding the related articles.

Just type ‘in title : followed by word you are looking for’.

For URL just type ‘inurl: followed by the word’.

Be careful not to use any space beween these word while typing in the search.

9. Finding similar websites!

There are websites you like but would love the explore other websites also,  now instead of searching manually or through other sources why don’t you use google.

To do this, just type ‘related:’ followed by the address of the website.

Again without any spaces.

For example, similar sites to Amazon.

Type ‘’.  The rest would be the Google’s job.


10. Whole Phrases!

Now this one is for music lovers.  You listened some music or song but remember only a line of that song. No worries.   Just put that line in double quotes (“”) and google will search the web and show you everything about that line.  Ultimately you would be able to locate the song in the search results.

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Guys these are some of the simplified tricks for platform “Google Search”

Hope you liked it!!!

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