Li-Fi Technology

Li-Fi Technology is the upcoming concept to shake up the world of wireless communications.

The term Li-Fi was coined by Harald Hass, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, and defines a high speed, low cost wireless communication system that uses light as a transmission medium.

Li-Fi Technology is a wireless communications system. This uses light instead of radio waves (such as WiFi or Bluetooth), thereby permitting data transmission through light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Transmission reception is achieved through a sensor, a mobile telephone camera for example.

Li-Fi Technology – Principle of Working

Li-Fi Technology uses a light source at one end like a LED and a Light Sensor device (a device that is used to detect light) on the other end. Data is fed into an LED light bulb (with signal processing technology). When the LED starts emitting light, the light sensor on the other end converts the changes in light intensity (LED’s on and off) from the LED light source into electrical current and then binary code.


Note that the light is flickering. Flickering of LED Lights i.e. on and off at extreme speeds is used to write and transmit messages in binary code.

It is like switching a torch on and off according to a certain pattern. Now if the LED keeps on emitting light continuously there will be multiple binary’s meaning a huge message can be transmitted. The process of switch on and off is quick, it is invisible to human eye.

Li-Fi Technology – Advantages:

Li-Fi has the advantage of being useful in electromagnetic sensitive areas such as in aircraft cabins, hospitals and nuclear power plants. By placing Li-Fi technology in to LED cars, overhead lights of airplanes, or even street lights we can control and monitor the traffic.

Light cannot penetrate walls. This limited reach makes it more secured as compared to the Wi-Fi.

Li-Fi Technology is also a better option from the environment perspective. This is the future technology on which is yet to come and is under research now. Li-Fi for sure in future it will replace Wi-Fi.

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