India’s first vertical video! What is that?

So, just a while ago I was going through my regualar Google Feeds and as usual it was filled with the regular new releases of upcoming bollywood flicks and most of  them which I had already seen on YouTube! But what caught my attention was this vertial videos stuff…

vertical video
See the top one – India’s first vertical video!

Yea! Apparently Sony Music seems to be the first one to present a vetical video in india –Bewajah, composed by Anirudh Ravichander Ft. Irene!

So, this got me thinking, what the heck is this all about! A little of Googling around and I was ready to roll out this awesome post for you guys while Sid got on to get the creative stuff right!

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You seriously need not be a genius to tell by the name what this whole Vertical video is gonna be about! Yea! Straight and simple – a video which we will be seeing in portrait mode instead of the traditional landscape one!

If you wanna go in technical jargon, vertical videos are seen in 9:16 instead of 16:9 – they are longer than their width.

vertical video
The black space on either side of vertical videos!

Traditionally, such a format has been shunned by viewers and makers alike because of the black spaces we see on either sides of the image. The funda was simple that, earlier conventional modes of entertainment were televisions and computer screens. So,no one wanted to go for something which won’t fit these!

But that was our grandpa’s era, this is ours! It’s the times of Snapchat posts and WhatsApp statuses and Periscope videos, which enunciate only one thing – Portrait is the future my boy!

Daily millions of selfies are being taken in portrait mode, even more becoming posts on social media handles in the same format. So, why should professional video creators, marketers and creative agencies follow the suit.

Recently, the vertical videos seem to have taken the entertainment market by storm. Yea, I do get it that this won’t be true for Indian subcontinent where the first one was released just a couple of days ago.

But still, the western culture has seemed to have acquinted with it long ago! Popular publishers and media companies like The Washington Postthe BBC news app, Vox, Teads and Conde Nast have been releasing news snippets in vertical video format for long now.

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Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new one by Anirudh! I highly recommend you that you go click here and watch this on your mobile! All you have to do is, play the video click on the full screen icon and see the magic!

vertical videos
The magic of vertical videos!

So, gone are the days when you had to rotate our mobile and fight against that never working Accelerometer, aka G sensor, at least that’s the case with my Coolpad!

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