In one of the article earlier you have read about bypassing blocked sites using https: before the url. Barring some of the sites, the method works its magic on every platform possible. But what about the other barred ones?? So here I am with an advanced technique to bypass the blocked websites. The so-called VPN aka Virtual Private Network. This technique works for all the blocked websites. So read on about this interesting technique…..

VPN – Virtual Private Network!


Now in recent times, this has become a common sight when trying to access many of the sites in India. Sometimes internet providers restrict us to use particular website due to some limitation by the telecommunication department. This is the reason why we see the above message. The question comes, what do you understand by DOT out here? It is Department of Telecommunication.

Now you might be thinking that we will never be able to use those websites. But no, issues, we have got your back. There are two ways of doing that. The first one is using “https:” which has already been discussed in one of the other articles. Click here to read more about it.

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Now I will be discussing another way of doing that and that is using VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. AS the name suggests VPN creates a Private network over a public network.

What a VPN does is create a Virtual Network – a network which actually doesn’t exist. Its more like you are accessing the internet from some location other than your physical location. So, if your VPN tool conjures up a USA network, your service providers will see that you are accessing the net from somewhere in the states. And so you get rid of all the restrictions which are there at your physical location.

Many users have to use a VPN to access Gmail while traveling abroad in Chinna where access to Google products is banned!

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How to use VPN!

I will be using two different VPN’s one of which is best for android phones and another one which will be for your PC. You can use any VPN which you feel is best but I will touch upon two of them.

NOTE: Before reading further let me clear this that does not promote any VPN or any app. This is for the sole purpose of giving you an idea about using VPN. And also if you are using this that will be completely on your own risk and does not guarantee its legality and your privacy.

First let me start with the most used device these days, our own smartphone.

VPN For smartphones

Follow the following steps for bypassing blocked websites on your smartphone

  1. Download opera Free VPN from google play store or visit the link
  2. Open the opera VPN after installation and click on get started. You will find a screen like shown below.
  3. Now click on the connect button.
  4. In the next screen, it will show that you are connected to the Netherlands. And also you will find a button with “Change Region”.
  5. Try opening the blocked website. If it does not open then this means that the particular website you are trying to access is also blocked in that region. In this case, use the button change region and select any other country and try again.

With this, you are ready to rock and access any website you wish to.

Now next in line is for our PC’s.

VPN For PC’s

Follow the following steps for bypassing blocked websites on your PC’s

  1. Open your chrome browser and visit the link or simply click Here if you are already using Chrome!
  2. Click on the button with “ADD TO CHROME ” labeled on it.
  3. A notification will appear. Click on “Add Extension” in that notification.
  4. Wait for half a minute and hola VPN will be added to your chrome browser. An icon will appear at the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Click on that icon and change your region to some other country.
  6. Try opening the blocked website. Hurrrayyyy….. you are able to visit that website.

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